Antelope Canyon AZ

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Arizona (Antelope & the Horseshoe)

When people talk about traveling to Arizona, the words “hot” and “dry” usually come to mind. People aren’t wrong…it is indeed very hot, very dry, and very neat. Phoenix has a very cool and contemporary vibe with a couple of very popular college-age areas. After we spent a couple of days in Phoenix, we ventured out a couple of hours north to go and visit the infamous Horseshoe bend. If you go, be prepared for the influx of tourists and a short hike to the actual lookout point. I highly recommend making the trip out there at sunset; it was a surreal experience. Taking in the grandeur of this spot was something to see. It really is a reality check on how small we are in the grand scheme of all the wonders in the World. Our marvelous adventure didn’t end there however; after we made our way back through all of the tourists, we set off to our next stop. That next place that we set off to was Antelope Canyon. As someone who doesn’t generally love doing the typical “tourist-y” things, I have to say, this was an enjoyable experience. In addition, it was actually a photograph-tour. That means that all of the best photo options were pointed out throughout the tour, and the guide went through the best settings to use in particular places. For those people that weren’t photographers and may not have known how to optimize their photos, I thought this was a cool idea. Going through the Canyon itself was indescribable; hearing how it was formed whilst walking through its depths was something that anyone in Arizona should go experience.

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