Elegant, Timeless, Documentation. What does that mean?


Within the documentation of your day, I mix in some posed pictures and fine art pictures. Different from a documentary style of photography, I will potentially adjust certain things in your pictures to pop out more. I do this at my discretion for photos that could benefit from slight manipulations.



I focus on moments. Moments will outlast the styles and trends that will fade away. In my edits, I focus on a natu-
ral color. I believe a solid color or black and white photo will always stand the test of time.



I photograph moments as they happen. This is first and foremost the primary way I shoot. This is done by giving as little direction as possible and letting your day unfold as it is. I believe that you will be more attached to photos that are natural and true to the moment. I believe that focusing too heavily on Pinterest ideas can often hinder the uniqueness your day has to offer. Lets focus on capturing raw moments from your day that don’t need to be scripted. Authentic. Original. Each and every photo in this pricing guide has a story behind it to why I know it is important to the couple. They are moments frozen in time to remind you when your dad gave a heartfelt speech about your partner. Or when you stopped at a smoothy bar to get drinks because you were so famished and Lisa, an elderly woman that has been working there for years said the kindest words to you. These are storytellers.

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