Cannon Beach OR

Cannon Beach OR

Cannon Beach – Boxcar Photography

When visiting Portland, OR with some previous clients of mine we decided to take a trip over to the coastline.  I think half of the benefit was the beautiful scenery that was around the roads leading to the coast.  I live currently in WI and have always heard that OR and WA are like WI 2.0.  The tall trees and amazing views definitely had me believing.  Tall Pine trees as far as you could see was amazing.  I honestly am considering a move out to OR or WA in the next 5 years. We will see how life progresses.  For now I leave you with a few pictures of Cannon Beach on the northern Oregon coastline.  Right off of Cannon beach is a few shops, hotels and condos to rent.  Its like a mini tourist area I am sure when the season is right.  We went in the middle of April so it was still a little bit chilly on the beach when the wind blew, but it was amazing to walk on what seemed was a sea of glass.  The shallow shoreline meant that the incoming waves reached inland quite a ways.  We must have been on low tide.  There was a ton of jellyfish that had washed up on the Oregon coast.  Where we were specifically they were not too bad, but from what I read online some coasts were just covered in the small purple jellies. I think they were called Velella velella?  Supposedly the western winds have brought them washing up on shorelines in the masses.  The huge Haystack Rock was amazing to see in person.  The size along the coast was something that sometimes a picture just cannot express. The coastline was amazing.  To spend some of the final hours in OR with two great dudes was a blessing.  I am grateful to call these guys my brothers.

Cannon Beach OR Haystack Rock 1 Haystack Rock 2 Oregan Coast 0034 Oregan Coast 0036 Oregan Coast 0037 Oregan Coast 0038 Purple Jellyfish Jellies Oregon

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