Country Sunset Engagement Photo

Country Engagement {La Crosse WI Wedding Photographers}

Country Engagement Sunset Photo
Country Engagement Photo {La Crosse WI Wedding Photographers}

Country Engagement Photo

This country engagement shoot just out side of Westby, WI brought two fun, country loving people together for a kiss against the sunset.  Once I reached the site the couple wanted to have their pictures taken, I found out that we would be riding to some different areas via a four wheeler.  Immediately I went into kid mode.  We zipped up and down the country through back trails and grassy knolls shooting the photos.  There are few times I get to ride these things, and luckily we had plenty of time before the sun was going to set, so we ventured off on the land checking out some different locations before finally coming back to the house to get everything started.  This shot just at the top of the driveway, and just off of a main highway.  I really appreciate the dynamic that the sky gave not only in color but a slight cloud coverage.  Finishing up this session with this silhouette was a treat.  We waited as cars passed on the road that just crest the horizon.  I really loved this couples commitment to a country session.  They brought along things like a cowboy hat, some boots, a cute little white summer dress and some flannel shirts.  We had a fun time using the rustic barns and green paths.  We even got to feed the horses while we were there.  Sometimes when people ask what locations we should shoot on I tell people to shoot where you are comfortable and what suits you.  If you are a country couple, shoot at a family farm, if you are a big city kid, make sure you shoot in urban locations with nice clean pressed clothes.  I cant wait to shoot their wedding in 2015.  If they take enough time to put details in their engagement session then they are guaranteed to put time into their wedding day.  Enjoy!


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