My first Jewish Wedding Foxfire Mountain House

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My First Jewish Wedding

This was my first Jewish wedding. I shot it with Fer Juaristi who is an absolute master photographer of light and composition.  I flew in from MSP to Newark and rented my car to drive upstate NY 2.5 hrs up for this Catskill Mountain Wedding.  The wedding was placed at Foxfire Mountain house. The city I stopped in was Phoenicia, NY. I really appreciated The Graham & Co as their hotel was quaint, and intimate.  I cannot wait to go back!  I hope you enjoy the photos. Below is some information on my style as a photographer.

My style focuses on Elegant, Timeless, Documentation. With a mixture of documentary and traditionally posed pictures my editing style promotes a clear color photo that will last the test of time. I focus on capturing all of the moments and in between. I like photographing things as they “fall.” I believe that your wedding day is just like life; it’s imperfect. Having a relaxed and natural environment is necessary and will show in your photos. Because of this, I want to work together with you and your schedule to match our processes together. For both engagements and weddings I leave it to the clients to have first say on location and time schedule. I focus on a digital curation that you can truly be proud of. From there, I will make suggestions to tweak your schedule for the best photographic experience and outcome. Thank you for considering Boxcar Photography for your wedding. Please contact me if you have any further questions. I am based out of La Crosse, Wisconsin but am more than happy to set up a phone call or skype if you are in another location.

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