Pastor Mark and Paula Clements

La Crosse Photographer at LWCC 30th Anniversary

Living Word Christian Church
La Crosse Photographer at LWCC 30th Anniversary – Wedding photographer Boxcar Photography was asked to take photos of the 30th anniversary of LWCC
 La Crosse Photographer at LWCC 30th Anniversary

There are very few people who can say they had a very influential part in my life…specifically men who had influence on my life I can count on one hand.  This man, Pastor Mark Clements of LWCC in La Crosse, WI was such a pivotal person growing up as a youth, as a young adult, and in teaching me many ways of how to be a good business man.  I modeled so much of my life after this man, he knew my pains, he listened to my struggle…he whooped my butt when it came to ethics and character…most of all he loved me…truly and dearly.  This man had no problem telling me when I was wrong, where I could have improved. I learned from this man that in every situation we can judge our own hearts, to judge our own motives, and make proper adjustments even when we are in the right, in order to avoid the pain in the future. I owe a lot of my stability and direction to him.  Even though going to LWCC I have to get in, fulfill my volunteer commitments in the video department and leave right after service, I still can call LWCC my home church.  I am thankful for everything this man and this church has done for me and as a La Crosse photographer find it an honor to be asked to document the 30th Anniversary.  It was so great and very emotional to see the church hit a milestone today, 30 years of excellence.  We will continue for the next 30.

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