La Crosse Wedding Photographer

LA CROSSE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER This photo was shot at the Shrine of Guadalupe.

One of the most beneficial moments in being a La Crosse Wedding Photographer is that I get to take engagement photos of people I know personally.  A sweet whisper and a gorgeous grin, that’s how this love romance started and has continued.  These two are a very amazing couple that even after the wedding day I’ve been able to keep in touch and call close friends.  I just read a facebook post today about how he has been working quite a bit lately and on his only day off he ran some errands and still had time to make a special impression on his wife today.  It’s the little things in life that really matter.  These two got married about 6 months back at Pettibone beach resort (www.pettiboneresort.com) I’ve shot here many times.  We shot this specific picture over a year ago now in the fall of 2012 in La Crosse, WI at the Shrine of our Lady of Guadalupe (http://www.guadalupeshrine.org/).  The Shrine is located on the far south side of La Crosse, but is definitely worth the drive.  We made it there just a little earlier than we were wanting and the sun had not yet set for the golden hour.  Instead of waiting we got right to work, I placed the couple against the  simplistic textured background, and angled them towards the light in order to reduce the harsh side lighting. We worked the scene a little longer as the sun set for some beautiful fall pictures I will be posting eventually.  Enjoy!

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