Sunburst Wedding Photo

La Crosse Wedding Photographer {Sunburst Intimate Moment}

La Crosse Wedding Photographer {Sunburst}
Sunburst Wedding Photo {Photographer takes advantage of light}
 La Crosse Wedding Photographer – Sunbursts of light

This photo is a great example of taking the time and why it is great to take time between ceremony and reception to take some quick pictures together.  We shot this downtown, but the sun was way too high in the sky. Preferably I like to shoot back light shots, find shadow, or use the direction (even if high) of the sun to make an epic La Crosse wedding photo.  In this case we shot into the sun, bringing the couple together having him kiss her on the forehead to even out the height difference.  The sun gives this dreamy glow to it.  We originally started the day in Pettibone and then moved down to the Radison right down on 2nd st downtown La Crosse.  More to come of this couple, they gave me plenty of time to shoot and we had beautiful weather capture in.  Enjoy!

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