La Crosse Wedding Videographer

La Crosse Wedding Videographer from Ben Strong on Vimeo.

La Crosse Wedding Videographer

This was an absolutely amazing opportunity to show what I wanted to do for wedding videography. Edgy, intense, purposeful. All words that describe what I feel like wedding video could be.  The La Crosse area has so much to offer and I feel that I would love to document the lifestyles of people via video. I currently work full time in corporate multimedia. Its amazing to be able to shoot video on top of photography.  It does have its own set of rules and complications. I do think that in the future I will be adding more video weddings. Currently I only shoot 1-3 a year.  If you have any trouble viewing, please click here.  This shoot was done at the Charmant Botique Hotel with the help of Hair dressed by Kristyn, The Wedding Tree, and Bittersweet Floral.  I cannot wait to see what the future awaits as I continue this journey as a La Crosse Wedding Videographer.

La Crosse Wedding Videographer

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