Littleton Colorado Wedding Photographer

Littleton Wedding Photographer

Littleton Wedding Photographer

What an amazing experience. In a three wedding weekend I shot two weddings in Wisconsin, and then a third in Littleton, CO. The couple were absolutely amazing to work with, and the event venue was one for the books. The day started a bit later than normal. They had the wedding preparation starting at 3pm, which was the only way that I could be the photographer. I flew into Denver approximately 11am to be picked up and driven to the venue well in advance of the start of the day.  I was a little worried that I was flying in the day of the wedding, but the couple insisted I be there. Looking back, I am glad they insisted. The day started with love letters to each other.   Sitting quietly with both of them, emotions erupted, tears flowed and love was tangible. The Manor House is the location for the wedding. I really loved that the girls could get ready upstairs and the guys downstairs. It seemed like a good amount of separation for couples that do not want to see each other before the wedding. There was also a back stairwell that went right down to connect the two areas.  The tears did not stop at any point throughout the day. Whether love notes, or reveling the bride to the bridesmaids, to me this day was at a consistent flow.  Notable ceremony moments include communion and prayer. Something that was consistent throughout the wedding day…a relationship with God. When the party started…it started. Doughnuts, an amazing gourmet meal, and the dance floor constantly packed. The one thing this group of people understood was being 100%. When the couple kissed there was a roar. When the music started, everyone joined in. These people were committed. They seemed to not do things half assed.

If you have a wedding coming up in Littleton, Colorado, or really anywhere in Denver, Colorado, please reach out.   I really enjoyed The Manor House and would love to go back as soon as possible.

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