Concert Downtown

Marah at Popcorn Tavern

Marah at Popcorn Tavern

Have you ever heard a buttery smooth voice to a tune by Beyonce? Well I have. One thing that really helps me is to attach myself to my couples and see the ins and outs of their lives. A lot of the time I can do this through social media. Sometimes, I am able to visit them doing what they love. In comes Marah at Popcorn Tavern. Marah is a live performer in the area among a lot of other things. I was able to see her in her natural habitat, on stage this winter. Cool calm and collected I feel like Marah has absolutely no trouble being in front of people singing. On top of that she does an amazing job at including the crowd, having connected experiences and even small conversations with people as they enjoy the tunes. I cannot wait to shoot her wedding later this year. By the time this actually posts her wedding will be done. But until then, here is some photos of her dropping some sweet vocals on stage.

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