Millers Bluff Engagement

Millers Bluff Engagement

What happens when a Nurse and a Programmer get engaged and want to take pictures? Pure magic for this Millers Bluff Engagement. We went up on the bluffs in La Crosse, WI to take some photos at sunset. These two actually met because of her brother and his best friend. Coincidentally they are the same person. After years of seeing each other at her house, feelings arose between these two. A spark and they started dating. At the time of writing this, I have already shot their wedding. They had a beautiful wedding at Justin Trails Resort in Sparta, WI. I just remember him paying so much attention to every little detail. He wanted the wedding day to be absolutely perfect for her. It was 90 degrees out, with an outdoor venue. There was some air conditioning, however not much. If you want to see more from that wedding, you can see it by clicking here.  It is a very amazing blog written by my assistant, Katie.

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