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One of the best things about traveling is being able to take in cultures that are different than yours. Being a destination photographer I get to claim to be a Nashville Wedding Photographer after shooting these two in the middle of an industrial area in Nashville. I traveled back up through Nashville from a wedding down in Panama City Beach, FL. The culture is so very different. Nashville is fast paced. PCB is very…very slow. I appreciated the endless amounts of seafood PCB offered as well as the beach, but in the end I am always in love with bigger cities. Upon arriving in nashville I was surprised at how much music they had. I should say I am not surprised. Even in the few days I was there I saw at least 4 shows I would have loved to go see. I can only imagine that people who live there take advantage of the low ticket price (due to supply).

I also loved the food while in Nashville. There were so many great options and yelp did us a good one by suggesting some really great ones. I think the only thing I didnt like about nashville were the ups and downs of the neighborhoods. It felt like a mini San Francisco. We hit traffic during a rush hour so of course that put a damper on my plans as the traffic was back to back at a dead stall. All in all I think next time I go to Nashville I would love to shoot a cottage wedding. Or a barn or estate wedding. Those would have more of a family feeling to them and I want to get to know some of the people there and how they live life. The culture is a little different than Wisconsin, and thats what excites me. Until next time Nashville.