New Blog

New Blog

Welcome to my new blog!  Enjoy as I will be blogging pictures from the past few years at various locations.  Below is on my website about Ben Page:

After completing his coursework at Rhema Bible Training Center, Benjamin moved back to his hometown – La Crosse, WI. While pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications with an emphasis on Advertising Design he picked up his first camera. Since then, a business has flourished, and he is now a premier photographer in the La Crosse and surrounding areas. Benjamin has shot weddings in places like Chicago, Minneapolis, and Michigan, Washington, Oklahoma and even Costa Rica.

Every year, Benjamin travels to various locations documenting moments in peoples lives. Every month, Benjamin pushes his talent further pursuing the art of photography. And finally, everyday Benjamin learns more about life, love, and the pursuit of his relationship with God.

In all reality, I didn’t find photography…It found me. It’s a lifestyle and a love interest. Simply put, I love being behind the camera capturing moments of peoples’ lives. I have said it before, and I will say it again…I don’t take pictures, I document the beginning of a love story. Please feel free to contact me about services and prices, to set up a meeting, and to find out if I am the right person for you!

It is my heart to serve people by combining talent with pure beauty. It is also my desire that if anyone need any help, prayer, or just want to talk – feel free to email me.


New Blog

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