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Oahu Engagement Photographer

I am so glad I was able to meet these two.  I traveled to Oahu to be a Oahu Engagement Photographer this session.  These two were goofy, passionate, loving and intimate all in one session.  They seemed so very comfortable with each other.  He is a writer, surfer and frequent beacher.  She is a marine biologist, hardcore moped rider and from what I understand loves her grilled cheese.  They both together are passionate and seem to have a great sense of pursuit.  We took our walk down the Waikiki beach to a secret little spot that not a lot of people know about.  It was the South East shores secret surf spot.  The walk led us past the Oahu Zoo where we shared stories about our parents and how we were raised.  It was really great to connect with these two on a deeper level.  Not a lot of people are willing to open themselves up and talk about their struggles while growing up.  As we walked further down the path we talked about how these two met.  She was in college in North Carolina on her way to her apartment when he stopped her by the pool because of how beautiful he thought she was.  They soon after started dating.  Through the progression of her career she was moved to Hawaii.  Sadly he could not make it there right away.  However soon after he made the leap and moved all the way to Oahu where they would pursue life together on the beach of this beautiful place. Since then they have enjoyed moments together.  She continues to pursue her dreams in marine biology.  He continues to write books and short stories and monitor his surf blog Rip-It.  Together they are ready to take on the world.