Under the veil Wedding photography

Onalaska WI Wedding Photographer – Cedar Creek

Under the veil Wedding photography
Bride and Groom Under Veil – Onalaska WI wedding photographer – Cedar Creek

 Cedar Creek Wedding

I love long veils…there I said it.  This moment was obviously staged as I don’t normally creepily sit under veils…normally.  This couple was very sweet, they are marrying at a very young age, sold out on each other, and cannot wait to build their lives together.  I think its so amazing to hear announcements of a possible addition already into their family!  The wedding ceremony at Cedar Creek in Onalaska was a good fit for the family.  We had the availability of the grounds to access and didn’t  have to move from place to place which gave us more time to get formals, have fun and make this wedding epic!  Her gown was so beautiful, so much detail with an open back and a whimsical and beautiful hair piece!  I love when brides go with one common theme for their wedding, whether formal, whimsical, fairy tale, or black tie it helps tell a little more about you when you have specific theme.  I hope you are excited about the future photos I will be showing for this wedding.  This photo shot by Benjamin of Boxcar Photography a Premiere  Onalaska WI Wedding Photographer. Enjoy!

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