Independence Opera House

Opera House Wedding

Opera House Wedding


Angie + De’Andre Woods



On a mid-October day in Independence, Wisconsin, Angie and her bridal party laughed together in the bathroom as they primped and polished their wedding day looks.

Barb, one of the bridesmaid’s mothers, not only graciously opened up her home to the bridal party and to us, but also put together all the gorgeous white rose bouquets for the special day.  The luscious green backyard of her home served as the perfect backdrop for the arrangements.  Angie’s bouquet was bound together with silver wire and a red and blue tie, previously owned by the couple’s dear friend who passed away, Chance.

With wide soft sheer chiffon strapping that effortlessly kissed Angie’s shoulders, the gown was adorned with white lace detailing on the backside that led into the solid white dress and webbed throughout the skirt. Slightly cinching at the waistline, then flowing out mid-thigh, the dress was dreamingly flattering on the bride.   

As Angie got into her gown, her bridesmaids came down from upstairs for the big reveal.  Eyes widened, shrieks were audible; both the bridal party and the bride shed tears.  


At the Opera House down the block, white tablecloths were set, staged with unique book page table runners (made by the bride!), gold plates, maroon cloth napkins, gorgeous greenery, and elegant black trimmed glass décor, encasing white candles.  De’Andre and his groomsmen congregated in a room adjacent to the ceremony and reception hall, joking and laughing before the ceremony.  Gorgeous handmade signs and décor sprinkled the space, including a candle and stuffed bear that paid tribute to their friend Chance.  


Outside, Angie’s father got a first look at his daughter in her wedding dress before she made her way into the Opera House.

After conversing with some friends and her very soon-to-be mother in law, the bride made her way upstairs, where D’Andre was waiting in a secluded room to finally get a glimpse of her.

Friends and family began arriving as the bridal party got a chance to indulge in some pre-ceremony snacks and beverages.  

The ceremony began, and the illuminating lights of the stage created the perfect focal point for Angie and De’Andre to become one in the presence of friends and family.  One of their best friends served as the officiant, sharing many heartfelt memories of the couple.  The loss of their friend Chance was felt immensely throughout the day, but especially during the ceremony.  Raw emotion came through for everyone as the group reflected on memories of their beloved friend.  It felt as though even if you hadn’t had the opportunity to meet Chance, you really could feel his presence and light in that room.

After the ceremony, Mr. & Mrs. Woods and their close friends headed outside for pictures.  There was such a contagious energy and excitement for the couple among the group.

Angie and De’Andre took some time away to capture photos of just the two of them. As the couple smiled together, you could feel their wholehearted comfort in each other’s presence.

During the reception, the stage of the Opera House where vows had been exchanged earlier served as the space where the newlyweds and their wedding party group sat. Genuine gratitude for the couple’s union was expressed in earnest speeches from friends, and Chance’s profound presence on all of their lives exuberated.

After a delicious meal -which included twists on classic comfort foods and various homemade desserts – was served, Angie and De’Andre shared their first dance as husband and wife.

When the dance floor opened up to all the guests, the energy for this couple lit up the dance floor.  Friends and family passionately grooved together, laughing and cheering each other on into the night.  

The authentic loving warmth this couple emanated throughout the day for each other and their friends, including Chance, left us with a deep feeling of gratitude.  


We were honored to capture their special day.

Congratulations De’Andre and Angie Woods!  



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