bridesmaids flowers

Photographer, La Crosse, WI {Bridal Blue}

bridesmaids flowers Photographer, La Crosse, WI
Photographer, La Crosse, WI {Bridal Blue} Detail photo of the bridesmaids to emphasize their flowers and dresses.


This bride did it right!  Do you not just love all the color?  You can tell she had a knack for picking out colors to go together.  I loved how vibrant the blue dresses were.  She continued the vibrancy with bold hues of red, purple, yellow, pink and blue in the flowers.  I photographed this just outside of La Crosse, WI at Fox Hollow.  She even had multi-colored sunglasses for all the ladies to wear.

Every once and a while I am asked if I take full body formal shots.  Of course I do!  Formal pictures and posed shots are a standard of everyone’s day.  The beautiful thing is that when you arrange people in a group you can easily get a series of fun, formal, serious and passionate shots all in one series.  This one arrangement can last us for multiple shots and efficiently get them all done right in a row so we waste no time at all.  Anyways, back to the color.  The vibrant colors continued back into La Crosse at Stoney Creek where she had beautiful blue up-lighting.  I really appreciate the availability to work with that color while shooting their big day!

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