Winona Wedding Photographer {Engagement Session}

Winona Wedding Photographer
Winona Wedding Photographer – Intimate moments between the bride and groom downtown Winona Minnesota.


There are so many benefits of being a Winona wedding photographer.  Winona has so many different venues and areas to take photos both downtown and by the river.  And how exciting a time of year it is to be a wedding photographer that gets to visit places like Winona.  On top of that I am releasing a new blog so I will be able to talk about the photos I take in a more in depth way, running through what makes these photos special to me and such.  This photo of a beautiful couple was shot last year in the winter on the Mississippi river.  I really liked the overcast skies we were getting throughout the shoot, but when looking into the end of the night, I was able to pull a lot of color out of the sky.  Through creative use of saturation I was able to bring this photo to pop a little more to make it look amazing above a fireplace on a gallery wrap.  I also used some back lighting techniques to bring the focus and light on the couple.   I loved that they dressed warm, because on sessions like this it would have been cold and miserable if they didn’t.  Matching flannel with down vests matched the environments that we were shooting in.  I highly recommend this for a nice casual engagement session setting as you really can use it both in the city and in the country.  This was the final shot I got as the teacher and firefighter walked away from a successful engagement session. Enjoy!

Also these shots were taken Downtown Winona, MN, their wedding took place in Lake City, MN at the Jewel Golf Club http://jewelgolfclub.com/  I was very impressed with the grounds at the golf club as well, very hospitable!  You will see other photos in Pickwick, MN as he is a Firefighter for the Pickwick Team.

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